Biden Says He Will Fix The Economy, Do You Trust Him?

DeSantis Announces 2024 Run?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just released a new video called “the Florida blueprint” and there now is even more speculation that he is running for the presidency in 2024.

In transcript provided by Fox, DeSantis can be heard saying on the video, “When the world lost its mind. When common sense suddenly became an uncommon virtue. Florida was a refuge of sanity. A citadel of freedom for our fellow Americans and even for people around the world.”

DeSantis took sharp jabs at President Biden and his administration while comparing it to the Republican state of Florida.

DeSantis added, “Florida’s success has been made more difficult by the floundering federal establishment in Washington D.C., an inflationary spending binge that has left our nation weaker and our citizens poorer. It has enacted pandemic restrictions and mandates. It has recklessly facilitated open borders. It has imposed an energy policy that has crippled our nation’s domestic production.”

DeSantis then accused the Biden administration of putting doubts in the American people’s minds about the future of our great country. “Some even say that failure is inevitable,” DeSantis added.

“Decline is a choice. Success is attainable. And freedom is worth fighting for,”  he later added.

Political experts are claiming that this new video from DeSantis shows that he has full intentions of running for the presidency in 2024. DeSantis first major hurdle will be to defeat Donald Trump then move on to President Biden is he is able to.