Is The Biden Administration Incompetent Like Republicans Say?

Judge Says Trump Can’t Run For Presidency?

They are doing everything in their power to destroy Trump’s 2024 run and its disturbing.

Former President Trump expressed frustration on Monday over his ongoing legal battles, particularly regarding the scheduling of his hush money trial by a New York judge set for April 15th despite his attempts to delay proceedings.

How on earth can Trump take part in a trial in April when the presidential election is this November?

Addressing reporters near the Manhattan courthouse following the judge’s decision, Trump criticized the timing of the trial, labeling it as unfair interference in an election season. He vehemently opposed the cases against him, describing them as absurd and lamentable.

Trump’s remarks came amidst significant developments in his legal affairs. Alongside the setting of a trial date for the hush money case, a state appeals court panel ruled to temporarily halt the enforcement of a $464 million judgment against him, the Trump Organization, and key executives, pending the posting of a $175 million bond within 10 days.

Acknowledging the court’s decision, Trump pledged to comply with the bond requirement while disparaging Judge Arthur Engoron, who presided over the civil fraud trial.

Expanding on his grievances, Trump broadly accused the legal actions against him as forms of election interference, associating them with President Biden, despite lacking evidence of Biden’s involvement in the legal proceedings.

Beyond the New York lawsuits, Trump faces felony charges in Washington, D.C., and Georgia related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, as well as felony charges in Florida regarding his handling of classified materials.

The legal entanglements have heavily impacted Trump’s campaign for the presidency, with substantial campaign funds diverted towards legal expenses, thereby leaving him at a financial disadvantage.

Trump bemoaned the impact of court appearances on his campaign activities, despite holding only one rally since becoming the presumptive GOP nominee.

In a litany of grievances against Biden, Trump alleged that legal actions were part of a strategy of election interference, aiming to tie him up in court proceedings and drain his finances.

Trump criticized Judge Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James, suggesting they should be scrutinized. He also expressed impatience with Judge Juan Merchan, handling the hush money case, for not expediting proceedings to his liking.

Nevertheless, Trump indicated his intention to appeal the decision to commence the hush money trial on April 15, maintaining his innocence in both this case and others.

He assured reporters of his willingness to testify and suggested that a possible conviction could even bolster his popularity, asserting that people recognize the legal actions against him as baseless schemes.