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Biden Spreads More Lies

During a speech celebrating the life of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., President Biden decided to once again spread even more lies and questionable claims even though he is dealing with a massive classified documents scandal.

According to Fox, President Biden gave his speech at King’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta where he ended up making some highly questionable statements about his role in the civil rights movement.

Biden began by saying, “Let’s lay one thing to rest. I may be a practicing Catholic, but [I] used to go to 7:30 Mass every morning in high school and then in college before I went to the Black church. Not a joke, Andy knows this.”

This isn’t the first time President Biden has made questionable statements regarding his civil work for the Black community.

When Biden was campaigning in 2020, Biden stated, “When I was a teenager in Delaware, for real, I got involved in the civil rights movement. I’d go to 8 o’clock Mass, then I’d go to Rev. Herring’s church where we’d meet in order to organize and figure where we were going to go, whether we were going to desegregate the Rialto movie theater or what we were going to do.”

What’s funny about this claim by Biden is that longtime congregants of Rev. Herring’s church never remember Joe Biden ever being there.

Sadly however, President Biden must have also forgotten that he also in the past said that he was never apart of any civil rights movement whatsoever.

“I was not an activist. I worked at an all-Black swimming pool in the east side of Wilmington, Delaware. I was involved in what they were thinking, in what they were feeling,” Biden said in 1987.

“But I was not out marching, I was not down in Selma. I was not anywhere else,” Biden added.