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Republicans Accuse Trump Of Chickening Out

On Wednesday, Chris Christie, the former Governor of New Jersey and a Republican, expressed his belief that the reason former President Trump is considering skipping the Republican primary debates is due to fear. Despite Trump’s dominant position in the GOP polls, he appears hesitant to take the stage.

According to The Hill, Hugh Hewitt, a conservative radio talk show host, recently spoke with Chris Christie, a former ally turned vocal Republican critic of former President Trump. During the conversation, Christie suggested that the GOP should conduct as many debates as possible and use an open format that would enable follow-up questions. According to Christie, this approach would prevent candidates from providing shallow, soundbyte-y responses that lack substance and do not address the issues at hand.

Christie also emphasized that it is important for former President Trump to participate in the primary debates because these events are designed to assist the American people in selecting the most qualified individual for the presidency. By avoiding the debates, Trump may be depriving voters of the opportunity to make an informed decision.

According to a report by The New York Times on Tuesday, it is unlikely that former President Trump will participate in the first two GOP primary debates. This decision by Trump could have significant implications for the debates and the primary process as a whole.

In a statement last week, former President Trump explained that he did not feel obligated to participate in the primary debates, citing his strong position in the polls and concerns about potential bias from those involved in organizing the events. Despite calls from some Republicans for him to participate, Trump’s decision to skip the first two debates could indicate a shift in the traditional approach to primary campaigning.

Christie taunted Trump and stated, “I’m sorry to see that Donald Trump feels like if he gets on the stage, he’s at risk of losing his lead. If, in fact, his ideas are so great, if his leadership is so outstanding, then his lead will only increase if he gets on the stage, not decrease. But obviously, he’s afraid. He’s afraid to get on the stage against people who are serious. And I’m sorry to see that he’s that afraid of it.”