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Democrats Blame Who For U.S. Migrant Crisis?

Democratic mayors in Chicago and Denver are pointing fingers at Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), holding him responsible for the disruptions accompanying the surge of immigrants into their cities. They are advocating for enhanced collaboration to effectively address the unfolding situation.

During a recent interview on CBS News’s Face the Nation, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston expressed concerns about the challenges faced by local governments due to the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border. Both mayors asserted that the crisis is of international and federal magnitude, emphasizing that local governments are being burdened with unsustainable responsibilities.

Mayor Johnson criticized Governor Abbott for what he described as a deliberate attempt to instigate chaos by transporting thousands of migrants to cities across the United States without proper coordination. He highlighted the lack of synchronization between state and local authorities, stating that the uncoordinated arrival of buses in cities like Chicago is contributing to the divisive atmosphere in the country.

In Chicago, more than 14,000 migrants are currently residing in 27 city shelters, with over 26,000 immigrants having arrived since August 2022. Denver has seen over 35,000 immigrants arriving in the past year alone.

Mayor Johnston underscored the need for a humane system that considers the well-being of both newly arrived individuals and the existing city residents and employees. He expressed concerns about arrivals happening in the middle of the night, leaving vulnerable populations without adequate support in harsh weather conditions.

Both mayors conveyed their communication with the White House regarding the specific needs of their cities to manage the influx of migrants. Mayor Johnston emphasized the solvability of the problem but called for federal financial assistance to support the cities and expedite asylum claims processing.

The mayors advocated for a more coordinated approach at all levels of government, urging a departure from the current scenario where individual governors, such as Governor Abbott, unilaterally decide the destination cities for migrants. They emphasized the importance of restoring a welcoming and organized process for asylum seekers, citing the necessity for a unified plan and federal support to navigate this complex issue effectively.