She’s in big trouble.

A former Olympic speedskater has just been caught lying on loan applications and defrauded the government by taking $10 million in coronavirus relief money. What’s worse is that it appears the speekskater took the relief money and invested some of the money to produce a movie about a serial killer.

According to the NY Post, Allison Marie Baver, won a bronze medal with Team USA’s 3000-meter women’s relay team in 2010 and was just charged with money laundering and eight counts of making a false statements to a bank.

After the Olympics Baver created the Allison Baver Entertainment company and producing film and television shows.

According to prosecutors Ms. Baver sent in a total of eight Paycheck Protection Program loan applications during the pandemic and received around $10 million. Baver told the government she was paying employees a total of $4.7 million according to her payroll however the truth was she did not have anyone on her payroll at all.

She also claimed that she had anywhere from 100 to 450 employees however it has been revealed that she does not have any employees either.

Prosecutors are asking Baver to pay back around $9.7 million and she is currently facing a shocking 40 years in prison if she is convicted.

When asked by a local newspaper about what films her company was working on, Baver claimed that she had “several projects in development” but didn’t give much more of an explanation after that.

“Due to the need for large crews in close proximity, these types of productions have been particularly disrupted by the pandemic, and we recognize our responsibility to put these professionals back to work as soon and as safely as possible,” Baver said before getting into trouble with the law. “We hope to set a good example as the entertainment industry gets back on its feet.”