This is freightening.

There are now reports circulating of an object exploding in the night sky near an Iranian nuclear facility in the town of Natanz.

According to the Washington Examiner, Iranian state television claimed that it was a missile exercise.

Furthermore, the governor of Natanz claimed that there were zero casualties and a more detailed report is expected to be released tomorrow. Interestingly enough, early reports claimed that the explosion was actually a defensive strike against a hostile drone. Iranian officials are denying those claims.

This strange explosion came at an interesting time. Currently, the United States and Iran are in talks of nuclear sanctions and the White House recently admitted that the talks are not going over smoothly.

Reuters further noted that Iran broke compromises made in hopes to revive the the 2015 nuclear deal. Iranian leadership is doing everything in their power to speed up their nuclear program and China along with Russia are surprised by how far they have gone to accomplish their goals.