Oh no!

Confusion, frustration, and anger is at an all time high In one small town after macaque monkeys escaped a transportation truck in Pennsylvania which were headed to Florida.

Pennsylvania resident Michelle Fallon had the unfortunate luck of coming into contact with some of these monkeys after they began escaping from the truck on the highway. Fallon got out to help thinking they were cats and one monkey came into close contact with her and even hissed at her.

According to the Washington Examiner, only 3 of the 100 monkey escaped and eventually had to be euthanized.

Things become highly controversial however, after Michelle Fallon got on Facebook and shared that she got sick after coming into contact with these cynomolgus macaque monkeys. Fallon is claiming that she developed a nasty cough and pink eye that was so severe she went to the emergency room.

Doctors reportedly gave Fallon four rabies shots and antiviral drugs. Fallon claims that doctors are monitoring her for rabies and monkey herpesvirus B however her “symptoms are covid symptoms. Like seriously. A day from hell!”

After speaking to the CDC, Fallon said they informed her that she is at very low risk of developing anything serious. One of Fallon’s relatives claimed that she was told she’s at a “very low risk for I don’t know what yet.”

It is currently unknown where the monkey were going or what they were going to be used for. However, it is very common for cynomolgus monkeys to be used for “medical studies.”