Leaves can be an annoyance, here is what you can do…

As we head into fall, home owners know how frustrating it can be to deal with excess leaves in the yard. Here are some good ideas that you can use to make use of those pesky leaves thanks to Life Hacker.

Make a compost pile

Leaves are a perfect addition to any compost pile. Leaves are high in carbon which helps balance out the carbon-nitrogen mixture it takes to make a good compost pile. Additionally, if you shred the leaves before composting them, it will be much faster.

Can be used as insulating ground cover

Leaves surprisingly work very well as an insulator. You can protect your fall crops and even perennial plants from cold weather by using leaves to insulate them. The extra benefit of using leaves as an insulator is that weeds tend to not grow under leaves.

Stop soil erosion

If there aren’t any plants growing in your garden bed for an extended period of time, the soil will begin to naturally erode. Adding leaves over your garden bed will prevent this from happening.

Mow the leaves into your lawn

If you happen to have a mulching lawn-mower, you can mow the leaves into your lawn and during the winter will help suppress weeds.