This is pathetic!

In a recent interview with CNN, Donald Trump’s Former press secretary Stephanie Grisham turned on the former president and said he attempted a “coup” and fully intends to cooperate with the January 6 congressional select committee.

According to Breitbart, Grisham claimed that most Americans don’t understand just how bad it would be if Trump was reelected in 2024 and she will cooperate with the January 6 congressional select committee to help them understand more clearly.

Grisham was then asked if she believed Trump was responsible for people coming to the Capitol to protest.

Grisham claimed that she didn’t know but said that she believed Trump knew a large group of protestors were coming on January 6th. Grisham also claimed that many people in Trump’s campaign were directly working with some of the protestors who showed up.

Then Grisham was asked if she believes Trump attempted to stage a “coup”. Grisham replied, “I do. When you look at what he was doing to Vice President Pence, when you look at how many ways he was trying to get people and phone calls, even with Georgia and Arizona and then again, with pressuring Mike Pence with all he wanted to do, and that memo that’s now come out about all the ways to, you know, overturn this election. I do. It’s dangerous.”