This is a tragedy.

New reports indicate that an airstrike has just killed around 70 people and injured at least 138 in Yemen. It is believed that a coalition led by Saudi Arabia has launched the attack.

According to the Washington Examiner, the strike appears to have occurred in  in Saada, a northern city in Yemen which borders Saudi Arabia. Another airstrike earlier today (Friday, January 21) is also believed to have hit a telecommunications facility in the city of Hodeida which has resulted in the loss of internet for most of the country.

MSF mission leader, Ahmed Mahat, stated, “From what I hear from my colleague in Saada, there are many bodies still at the scene of the airstrike, many missing people. It is impossible to know how many people have been killed. It seems to have been a horrific act of violence.”

Since 2014, Yemen has been dealing with civil war between the Houthi rebels and the Hadis. The Houthis are a mostly Shiite Muslim group which the United States strongly believe is supported by Iran.

The Houthis are trying to take control of Yemen and currently are in control of large parts of northern Yemen.

Houthi rebels are claiming that the airstrike came from the Saudi-led coalition who support the Hadis.