According to a YouGov/Yahoo News poll conducted in September 2023, President Biden’s approval rating is 38%, slightly above its all-time low of 35%. Despite positive economic indicators, only 34% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy.

The poll also found that Biden is now tied with former President Trump in a hypothetical 2024 matchup, with both candidates polling at 44%. This is a significant shift from last month, when Biden held a 6-point lead over Trump.

The poll also suggests that Biden’s age is a liability for him. 77% of Americans see Biden’s age as a small or big problem, while 64% say the same about Trump. Additionally, Americans are less likely to say that Biden is more fit to serve office than Trump, with just 27% saying that Biden can serve another term.

On the issue of corruption, 41% of Americans said that Trump’s family is more corrupt, while 38% said that Biden’s family is more corrupt. This is a slight shift from August, when 46% of Americans said Trump’s family was more corrupt and 36% said Biden’s family was more corrupt.

Overall, the poll suggests that Biden is in a difficult position heading into 2024. His approval rating is low, he is tied with Trump in a hypothetical matchup, and his age is seen as a liability by many Americans.