Is The White House Intentionally Ignoring Crisis At Border?

Trump Found Guilty Of Jan 6 Crimes?

Republican traitor Adam Kinzinger blasted former President Donald Trump and said that he was “absolutely guilty” of crimes regarding the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the United States Capitol.

In transcript provided by The Hill, Kinzinger smeared Trump on CNN and said, “I think he’s guilty of a crime. I mean, look, he knew what he did. We’ve made that clear. He knew what was happening prior to January 6th. He pressured the Justice Department officials to say, ‘Hey, just say the election was stolen and leave the rest to me.’ And then the Republicans all need to put the stamp of approval on it.”

Kinzinger, who has been voted out of Congress and will soon leave, talked about the 187 minutes between the start of the riot and Trump’s attempt to stop it from happening and concluded that he was guilty.

“I think he is absolutely guilty. If he is not guilty of some kind of a crime, I mean, what we’ve basically said is presidents are above the law and they can do everything short of a coup as long as it doesn’t succeed,” Kinzinger added.

“He was actively resisting pressure from his family and from his staff to stop that from happening. And when he finally saw that law enforcement had turned the tide and that the occupation wasn’t going to succeed, only then did he typically come out,” he said.

Both Kinzinger and Liz Cheney know how to make a mountain out of a molehill and that’s exactly what they are doing here. Republican voters know that they are traitors and are happy to see them leaving Congress.