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Trump Official Says Biden Is Finished

According to Newsmax, Ric Grenell, a former Trump official, stated that President Joe Biden’s record-breaking low approval ratings would eliminate any possibility of his re-election in 2024.

A recent Gallup poll released on Thursday revealed that President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a mere 37%, indicating a significant decrease in public support.

During an appearance on “John Bachman Now” on Friday, Grenell expressed his concern regarding the polling numbers, stating that they are the worst that have been observed. He added that President Biden’s current situation is critical, and it will be challenging to convince the American public that the situation is under control.”

“They’re the lowest we’ve seen. Joe Biden is in trouble here,” Grenell confessed.

Grenell urged people outside of Washington, D.C., to speak up and raise their voices, emphasizing that the nation’s capital has become increasingly radical and chaotic. He further stated that the entire world is observing the situation and its developments.

“So we can really run this whole election on a return to common sense. And that’s what Donald Trump does. He’s constantly the guy on the outside that talks in common sense. People respond to that. I think that Joe Biden cannot improve those numbers. I think it’s over for him,” Grenell added.

Grenell referred to President Biden as a president who has difficulties walking and is bumbling in his actions.

“Everyone who lives outside of Washington, D.C., is laughing at him,” Grenell pointed out.

In addition, Grenell shared his opinion that Democrats will carefully consider Robert Kennedy Jr.’s challenge against President Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination.