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Trump and GOP Fail

Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto is now projected to defeat Republican Adam Laxalt for the Nevada senate race ensuring that the Democrats will keep control of the Senate.

According to The Hill, both NBC and CBS officially called the race at 9:18 pm giving Cortez Masto the win against Laxalt.

This comes as a tragedy for the Republicans who were hoping to clinch both the House and the Senate taking away control from President Biden and the Democrats.

They were also hoping to launch a number of investigations against President Biden however with the Democrats in control of the Senate this means they may not be able to.

Nevada was expected to be a major state for the Republicans that they could have easily won however they failed to do so. The loss of the Senate is going to only make things worse for former President Donald Trump who had massive influence over the midterms.

While campaigning Laxalt focused on important issues such as inflation, crime and border security. Cortez Masto focused heavily on abortion and appears to have succeeded by doing so.

Democrats and Republicans will now focus on the Georgia Senate runoff on Dec. 6th between Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker.