Is Biden's DOJ Trying To Frame Trump?

Ocasio-Cortez Triggered By Truth

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez snapped after New York Times opinion columnist David Brooks argued in his latest opinion piece that Green New Deal was nothing more than just a ‘cotton candy media concoction’.

According to Fox, Brooks exposed Ocasio-Cortez in his article titles “The Fever Is Breaking” and wrote, “The election of 2022 marked the moment when America began to put performative populism behind us. Though the results are partial, and Trump acolytes could still help Republicans control Congress, this election we saw the emergence of an anti-Trump majority.”

Brooks then accused Ocasio-Cortez of also taking pary in “performative populism”.

Brooks wrote, “The left had its own smaller version of performative populism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became a major political figure thanks to her important contributions to Instagram.”

Brooks then said, “The Green New Deal was not a legislative package but a cotton candy media concoction.”

Ocasio-Cortez erupted in anger at Brooks and fired back at him saying, “Perhaps David Brooks should actually read the legislation he’s insulting before referring to it as ‘cotton candy.’ The Green New Deal was thoughtfully constricted alongside a coalition of scientists, academics, frontline communities,& more. He wants me to be Trump, but I’m not.”


Looks like even the liberals are fed up with Ocasio-Cortez. Maybe liberals will begin to understand just how crazy she really is.