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NFL Star Calls Biden A Fake Catholic?

These comments from the Super Bowl champion raised eyebrows.

In his commencement address at Benedictine College in Kansas, Super Bowl champion kicker Harrison Butker addressed President Biden’s stance on abortion, criticizing what he termed as “delusional” views, particularly in the context of Biden’s Catholic faith. Butker highlighted Biden’s vocal support for abortion, expressing concern that it might convey a misconception that one can be both Catholic and pro-choice.

Drawing attention to a broader trend, Butker pointed out similarities among figures like Biden, advocates of COVID lockdowns, and promoters of controversial gender ideologies, noting their shared Catholic background. He emphasized the importance of realizing that mere affiliation with Catholicism is insufficient and urged the graduates to reject the notion that adhering to a “church of nice” mentality leads to success. Instead, he encouraged them to uphold their beliefs boldly, cautioning against mistaking charity for cowardice in confronting societal challenges.

Butker lamented a prevailing societal pressure to silence dissenting voices, particularly when they contradict prevailing narratives of diversity, equity, and inclusion. He asserted that truth often finds itself marginalized in such environments, urging listeners not to succumb to fear of expressing genuine convictions.

Further, Butker criticized Biden’s leadership, attributing negative impacts on various aspects of life, including abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, and cultural values, to what he deemed as poor governance and misguided policies. He stressed that these issues, alongside a trend towards cultural degeneracy, highlights the pervasive disorder in contemporary society.

Notably, Butker’s stance on abortion has been consistent, previously asserting in an interview with ETWN News that unborn babies represent the greatest victims of societal failings.

Butker’s address encouraged graduates to critically evaluate societal norms, uphold their beliefs with courage, and resist pressures to conform to ideologies contrary to their convictions.