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VIDEO: Nikki Haley Admits Defeat

Nikki Haley has addressed the controversy surrounding her response to a voter’s inquiry about the cause of the Civil War during a recent campaign event. The 2024 Republican presidential candidate acknowledged her failure to initially mention slavery in her reply and expressed agreement with the criticism.

During a town hall in New Hampshire, when asked about the cause of the Civil War, Haley did not immediately reference slavery. Instead, she emphasized her view that the conflict was rooted in debates about government functions, freedoms, and the role of capitalism. Responding to the voter’s surprise at the omission of the term “slavery,” Haley dismissed the concern with a curt “Next question.”

Facing backlash from various quarters, including the White House and fellow GOP contenders, Haley clarified her stance. She asserted that she believes slavery was the spark for the Civil War but emphasized what she considers the “bigger issue”: determining the role of government in individuals’ lives.

Haley highlighted her record as a Southern governor who successfully advocated for the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse, acknowledging the significance of slavery in South Carolina’s history. She emphasized the importance of learning from history and using it as a guide for addressing the stains on the past while advocating for individual rights and freedoms. Haley concluded by admitting that she should have promptly mentioned slavery in her initial response to the voter’s question.