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Biden Orders Congress To Ban What?

On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at a mall in Allen, Texas, resulting in the tragic loss of eight lives, including children, and leaving seven others injured. President Biden has responded by urging for further action to be taken by Congress in response to this senseless act of violence.

In a statement released on Sunday, President Biden expressed his belief that mere “thoughts and prayers” conveyed via social media posts are insufficient in response to the recent tragedy in Allen, Texas. He called upon Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit the use of assault weapons and magazines, and emphasized the need for concrete action to prevent such incidents from recurring.

In transcript provided by Fox, Biden stated, “Too many families have empty chairs at their dinner tables. Republican Members of Congress cannot continue to meet this epidemic with a shrug.”

President Biden has highlighted that his administration has taken significant steps towards addressing the issue of gun violence. He pointed out that some states have already implemented bans on assault weapons and are also working to enhance red flag laws. Despite this progress, the President emphasized the need for further action at the federal level to comprehensively address the issue of gun violence in the United States.

President Biden reiterated that the progress made so far in addressing gun violence is insufficient and stressed the need for more action. He called for universal background checks to be implemented, which would require all gun purchases to undergo a thorough background check. Additionally, the President proposed regulations mandating safe storage of firearms, which would help prevent unintentional shootings and thefts. He also called for an end to legal immunity for gun manufacturers, a measure that would hold them accountable for the harm caused by their products. These proposals are part of the President’s broader efforts to comprehensively address gun violence in the United States.

“I will sign it immediately,” Biden added. “We need nothing less to keep our streets safe.”