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VIDEO: Biden’s Shocking Arrest

Over the course of his political career spanning several decades, President Joe Biden has reportedly made numerous false claims. Among them, he once claimed to have been “arrested” at the age of 21 for sitting illegally in the Senate presiding officer’s chair. However, he contradicted this claim just two years later.

According to Fox, Following the release of Capitol footage from the Jan. 6 riots by Tucker Carlson, a 2007 interview of Joe Biden with comedian David Letterman is being recirculated on social media.

During the interview, Letterman posed a question to the the-Senator Joe Biden, asking him to describe the experience of walking into the Senate chamber during his twenties.

Biden responded, “You know, I walked in when I was 21, and I got arrested. It was a Saturday. I was down visiting some friends from Georgetown University.”

Adding, “And I came up on a Saturday morning because I was fascinated with the Senate, and they had a Saturday session. I walked up — those days no guards stopping you everywhere — and they just got out of session. I walked in the back, and all of the sudden, I found myself in the chamber, and I was stunned.”

Biden added, “I walked up, sat down in the presiding officer’s seat. Guy grabbed me by the shoulder and said, ‘You’re under arrest.’”


So it’s clear, in the video Biden admits that he was arrested at 21.

However, during his farewell address to the Senate in January 2009, Joe Biden stated that he had not been arrested at the age of 21, two years after claiming on national television that he was “arrested” for unlawfully entering the Senate chamber.

Biden stated in his 2009 speech, “Literally, I walked in, and I walked in down here, and I came through those doors. I walked into the chamber and the lights were still on, and I was awestruck, literally awestruck. I don’t know what in God’s name made me do it, but I walked up, I say to my friend from Arkansas, and I sat in the presiding officer’s chair. I was mesmerized,”

Biden then confessed, “The next thing I know, I feel this hand on my shoulder and the Capitol policeman picks me up and says, ‘What are you doing?’ After a few moments, he realized I was just a dumbstruck kid. He didn’t arrest me or anything.”

“That was the first time I walked onto the Senate floor. It is literally a true story,” Biden added.

So what is it? Was Biden arrested or not? We may never know but we certainly know that President Biden likes to lie a lot.