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Biden Caught Downplaying Massive Failure

According to Republicans and intelligence experts, the Biden administration is not being truthful and is either trying to shift the blame or conceal responsibility for the recent intelligence leaks.

According to Newsmax, on Thursday, President Joe Biden stated that nothing of significant importance was disclosed, while Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured that the security breach did not have an impact on intelligence sharing and diplomatic relations.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio refused to let President Biden lie and admitted, “This downplaying of the stuff — if it’s not a big deal, why did the FBI go raid the guy’s home and arrest him in an armored vehicle? It is a big deal.”

Rubio has urged for a thorough assessment of how the U.S. government categorizes and manages information and records, including how they are sectioned off and who is authorized to access them. This call for review is especially focused on the compartmentalization process.

Rubio added, “In this case, it was posted online by a 21-year-old guy. It doesn’t sound like he was a spy for any country. He was trying to show off to his friends, but you see the damage that it’s done.”

Brigadier General Pat Ryder of the Air Force acknowledged the breach as a “deliberate, criminal act.” However, when questioned about possible wrongdoing, responsibility, or reckless disregard, the authorities have evaded giving a direct response.

Rudy Giuliani cautioned that President Biden’s apparent lack of worry should be a matter of concern for all of us.

Giuliani explained, “First of all, his administration has been telling us how dangerous this is and how bad it is. There was one administration official who said people could die as a result of this.”

Giuliani listed numerous worldwide intelligence reports that could endanger lives, but he expressed concern that President Biden appears to be relatively unconcerned.

Giuliani added, “When you look at what was leaked — just the little bit that we know about, right — it’s devastating stuff about Ukraine, about Ukraine tactics, about their vulnerabilities in the air — very, very nasty things about our allies that they’re not going want to see.”