Vermont Supreme Court Allows Non-Citizen To Vote, Should This Be Stopped?

Pelosi Humiliated Over New Law

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her family have made such an ungodly amount of money off the stock market by using insider trading information that now a new law has been brought forward using her very own name.

According to The Hill, Republican Senator Josh Hawley has introduced a new bill that will ban members of Congress from trading stocks and it is being called the Pelosi Act.

Pelosi and her husband have made so much money off the stock market that her children’s children will never have to worry about money again and it was all through insider information which is not available to the public.

“Members of Congress and their spouses shouldn’t be using their position to get rich on the stock market,” Hawley wrote after introducing the new bill.

Just last year alone Speaker Pelosi’s husband sold millions of dollars worth of stocks of computer chipmaker companies as the House was just about to vote on a bill that dealt with computer chips.

Democrats and Nancy Pelosi can’t take all of the blame for this either. A rather large number of Republican lawmakers also do the very same thing and Americans are downright furious about it.

Pelosi has made the most money off the stock market however and a new bill being called the Pelosi Act seems very fitting.