Would U.S. Be In Conflict With Iran If Trump Was President?

Biden Chickens Out To Iran

This is what happens when you elect a feeble and unfit president.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently voiced strong criticism of President Biden’s handling of an anticipated threat from Iran, suggesting that the administration’s response might embolden rather than deter Iran from launching a retaliatory attack on Israel.

President Biden issued a cautionary message on Friday, acknowledging the looming possibility of an Iranian attack over the weekend and simply stating “don’t” when asked about his message for Iran.

Pompeo took to Fox News’s Martha MacCallum’s show to express his concerns, labeling the response as “really dangerous.” He emphasized that repeatedly saying “don’t” does not constitute a robust national security strategy or serve as an effective deterrent.

Highlighting the perceived seriousness of the situation, Pompeo noted that U.S. officials have been sounding alarms throughout the week regarding the potential for an Iranian strike.

Western intelligence agencies have reportedly indicated that Israel is preparing for a significant assault from Iran, in retaliation for an attack on its embassy in Damascus, Syria, on April 1st, which resulted in the deaths of seven Iranian military personnel.

The tension has escalated to the extent that Americans have been advised against traveling to Israel, U.S. military forces have been redeployed in the Middle East, and concerns about a broader regional conflict loom large.

Pompeo asserted that the response from the Biden administration has already fallen short, citing previous Iranian attacks on Israel and American interests in the region. He emphasized that the impending situation merely reflects the failure of existing policies to safeguard Israel effectively.

Moreover, Pompeo underscored Iran’s direct threats and hostile actions towards the United States, including attacks by Iran-backed groups like Hamas and Houthi rebels, as well as the seizure of American citizens in Gaza.

According to Pompeo, the current administration’s stance sends a perilous signal, effectively granting Iran a “green light” to pursue its aggressive agenda aimed at undermining both Israel and the United States.

These recent remarks echo Pompeo’s earlier criticism of the Biden administration’s perceived leniency towards Tehran. He has consistently argued against negotiating with Iran, emphasizing the futility of diplomatic efforts in the face of Iran’s hostile intentions.