Do You Trust The Biden Administration?

First 2024 Candidate Endorses Trump

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who contested the 2024 GOP nomination against former President Donald Trump until the end of last year, surprised many by endorsing his former competitor on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. Burgum, who refrained from criticizing Trump during his own 2024 bid, made the unexpected announcement at Trump’s rally in Indianola, near Des Moines, alongside his wife Kathryn.

In front of a cheering crowd, Burgum expressed his unique endorsement, emphasizing his disagreements with President Joe Biden’s policies. He asserted that Biden is “wrong on the economy, wrong on energy, and wrong on national security.” Reflecting on his tenure, Burgum contrasted the challenges of working with President Obama’s administration and the positive shift under President Trump, citing the latter’s support for Heartland states like Iowa and North Dakota.

Trump acknowledged the endorsement on stage, praising Burgum’s record and expressing gratitude on behalf of the Trump family. Burgum, who halted his campaign in early December, had focused on economic, energy, and China-related issues but struggled to gain enough momentum for substantial participation in debates.

The governor’s conciliatory approach not only garnered Trump’s appreciation but also positioned Burgum favorably for potential consideration in a future Trump administration cabinet. The unexpected turn of events underscores the dynamic nature of political alliances and endorsements in the lead-up to crucial events like the Iowa caucuses.