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Shocking Discovery Made About Biden’s Health

President Biden recently had his physical examination done by medical experts. following his exam it was revealed by doctors that President Biden was “healthy” and “vigorous” however it was also discovered that his mental status was not made public to the American people which many found strange.

According to Fox, Dr. Janette Nesheiwat asked why the results of President Biden’s “mini mental status exam” were not revealed to media outlets.

Dr. Nesheiwat asked, “How did he do on that? What was his score? I would like to know. Physical mental emotional health are all as equally important.”

She went on to say, “The job of the presidency is a very demanding stressful job. We must ensure our leader is physically mentally and emotionally capable, especially when it comes to, decisions, regarding life and death and the overall health, safety, and well-being of our nation.”

Ever since President Biden came into office, Americans have been asking if he is mentally sound and if he is willing to undergo a cognitive health to determine if he is mentally fit but he refuses.

Nesheiwat went on to say, “Biden will be our oldest sitting president. We need a president who is sharp, shrewd, who has the cognitive stamina and the mental acumen to lead our great country.”

President Biden and the White House owe it to the American people to provide us the state of his mental health. Biden currently holding the most important job in the United States and our leader needs to be healthy on all fronts. America is being put at great risk and there needs to more transparency from the White House.