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Biden Ditches Funeral Of U.S. Troops?

What was Biden thinking?!?

President Biden has communicated with the families of the three US soldiers who lost their lives in Jordan, expressing gratitude for their service and ensuring continued support. Initially, there was uncertainty about Biden’s attendance at the ceremony for the “dignified body transfer,” but it has now been confirmed that he will be present at Dover Air Force Base when the fallen soldiers’ remains are flown back to the US.

The soldiers, Sgt. William Rivers, 46, Spc. Brianna Moffatt, 23, and Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24, all from Georgia, were victims of an attack by Iranian-backed militants near the Syrian border. This tragic incident has prompted President Biden to declare his intent to retaliate against Iran. Although the specifics of the response remain unclear, potential options include targeting Iranians in Syria as well as Iraq or Iranian naval assets in the Persian Gulf.

Reports suggest that the president is exercising caution to avoid further involvement in the Middle East, seeking response options that do not escalate into a broader conflict. The Pentagon and State Department have longstanding plans outlining various potential targets in the event of hostilities between Iran and Israel, encompassing drone-making factories and overseas suppliers supporting Russia in Ukraine, aiding the Houthis in Yemen, and assisting Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Despite the Iranian-backed Axis of Resistance claiming responsibility for the attack, Iranian officials deny involvement, asserting that the militias acted independently. Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani dismissed the allegations as baseless and accused those making such claims of attempting to expand the Israel-Hamas conflict. As events unfold, President Biden remains committed to honoring the service and sacrifice of the fallen soldiers while carefully navigating a measured response to this tragic incident.