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Media Caught Covering Up For Biden

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During a recent episode of “The View,” ABC News’ chief medical correspondent refused to give her honest opinion on President Biden’s physical readiness for the job, citing that she wasn’t his personal physician.

As President Biden, aged 81, gears up for a potential second term, scrutiny over his mental and physical health intensifies. Following his annual medical examination, Dr. Jennifer Ashton was pressed on the ABC talk show to assess how he compared to other men of his age.

In response, Ashton awkwardly remarked that even she, a 54-year-old woman, would struggle with the demands of the presidency. However, she pointed out significant gaps in the publicly released physical report, noting the absence of crucial evaluations such as neurological, mental health, and cognitive assessments.

While co-host Joy Behar seemed to prompt Ashton to affirm Biden’s capability for the role, Ashton remained cautious, emphasizing her role as a medical professional and highlighting the deficiencies in the report.

Apart from her role on “The View,” Ashton serves as the chief medical correspondent for ABC News and “Good Morning America.” Earlier in the segment, she voiced progressive views on abortion rights, advocating for governmental non-interference in women’s reproductive choices.

The White House disclosed the findings of Biden’s physical examination on Wednesday, affirming his fitness to discharge presidential duties effectively. Despite occasional stiffness in his gait, Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, reported no significant deterioration over the past year.

However, amidst debates over Biden’s fitness, the White House confirmed his decision to forgo a cognitive test, asserting that his daily actions and decision-making capabilities demonstrated his competence.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reiterated Dr. O’Connor’s stance, emphasizing Biden’s adeptness in handling domestic and international affairs as evidence of his mental acuity.