Trump Says Dems Forcing Electric Vehicles On Americans, You Agree?

Biden Begs Hollywood For Re-Election Help

Biden’s failing campaign needs as much help as possible.

Hollywood’s elite recently came together for a fundraising event in support of President Joe Biden, raising over $30 million for his campaign, marking a new record for a Democratic candidate. This event aimed to energize potential supporters for what is seen as one of the most pivotal presidential elections in U.S. history.

Held at the 7,100-seat Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, the fundraiser featured notable appearances by stars like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Barbra Streisand. Jimmy Kimmel, the well-known late-night host, conducted an interview with Biden and former President Barack Obama. Both leaders emphasized the critical need to prevent former President Donald Trump from returning to office, anticipating a fiercely competitive race.

During the interview, which lasted over thirty minutes, Kimmel posed a question about whether Americans had forgotten the difficulties during Trump’s presidency. Biden responded, stressing the importance of remembering those times. The significance of the event was highlighted by Biden’s overnight travel from the G7 summit in Italy to California. In his absence from a key summit in Switzerland on Russia’s war in Ukraine, Vice President Kamala Harris attended on his behalf, illustrating the balancing act between international affairs and the reelection campaign.

The event saw performances from Jack Black and Sheryl Lee Ralph, with actors Kathryn Hahn and Jason Bateman introducing Kimmel. Kimmel’s humor smoothly transitioned into serious discussions about important issues such as women’s rights, healthcare, and voting rights.

When asked about his proudest accomplishments, Biden pointed to his economic policies, claiming that they have strengthened the U.S. economy and provided fair opportunities for all citizens. Meanwhile, Trump, who was campaigning in Detroit, criticized Biden’s economic management, with Trump’s spokesperson calling Biden’s event an elitist gathering.

Despite the criticisms, Biden defended his administration’s legislative successes, and Obama lauded the significant achievements in healthcare, infrastructure, environmental policy, and technology. Obama also underscored the profound impact of the Supreme Court, urging voters to understand the importance of their participation. He highlighted Trump’s appointment of three justices who played roles in overturning Roe v. Wade, pointing out that elections have tangible consequences.

Biden expressed concerns about the future of the Supreme Court under another Trump presidency, fearing further shifts in the court’s balance. He referenced reports of an upside-down flag flown outside Justice Samuel Alito’s home, a symbol associated with election fraud claims, worrying that a Trump victory could result in more such appointments.

Kimmel, known for his comedic touch, interspersed humor throughout the evening. At one point, he jokingly asked how a president might retaliate against a talk-show host who mocks him nightly, to which Biden replied with a reference to the elite military unit Delta Force. Kimmel also made a quip about Biden’s campaign promise to restore America’s soul, humorously suggesting the need for an exorcism and linking it to Biden’s recent meeting with the pope.

This fundraiser surpassed previous records, outdoing the $26 million raised at a March event in New York featuring Stephen Colbert. Although Biden initially led in fundraising, Trump has been gaining ground, especially following his criminal conviction, which significantly boosted his campaign contributions.