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Democrats Declare War With Who?

On Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shocked America when he did something very out or character and erupted on China after the United States appears to have shot down what appears to be multiple “spy balloons”.

According to The Hill, Democrat Chuck Schumer insisted that the Chinese government was left “humiliated” after being “caught lying” on the world stage.

Schumer’s comments come as a huge surprise to Americans who did not expect him to be so aggressive towards China especially since he is a Democrat and has a long history of kneeling to the communist nation many times in the past.

Schumer, who likely had a lengthy talk with President Biden, stated, “I think the Chinese were humiliated. I think the Chinese were caught lying. I think it’s a real step back for them.”

Schumer also dropped a major hint for the American people and explained that he believes the “objects” which were shot down by the U.S. military nothing more than white and metallic colored “spy balloons”.

Democrat Chuck Schumer also explained that he believes the Chinese will now get rid of their balloon program over these latest scandals and explained, “I think they are probably gonna have to get rid of it or do something. Because they look really bad.”

“They’re not just doing the United States,” Schumer added. “This is a crew of balloons. We saw one in South America.”

It’s interesting to see Democrats take such a firm stance against China. Only time will tell how this major security threat will play out.