Will Trump Lockdown The Border If Re-Elected?

Biden Declares Serious National Emergency?

Okay, what’s really going on?

During a press conference at the Capitol, House Speaker Mike Johnson from Louisiana sought to allay public concerns raised by House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner of Ohio regarding what Turner described as a “serious national security threat.” Johnson emphasized that there was no reason for alarm among the American populace, asserting, “Steady hands are at the wheel, we’re working on it, and there’s no need for alarm.”

However, Johnson refrained from divulging specific details about the threat due to its classified nature, stating, “I am not at liberty to disclose classified information.” He did reveal plans for a meeting with national security adviser Jake Sullivan and other key figures to discuss the matter further.

The impetus for the upcoming meeting stemmed from a letter Johnson sent to the White House, urging President Biden to address the classified national security issue promptly. Turner’s recent announcement regarding the availability of information to Congress members and his call for the declassification of pertinent details further underscored the gravity of the situation.

In response to Turner’s statements and the subsequent public concern, Representative Jim Himes echoed Johnson’s reassurances, emphasizing that while the issue was significant, it should not induce panic. Himes stressed the importance of addressing the matter without causing undue alarm, underscoring that it was a serious concern warranting attention but not a cause for immediate distress.

Looking ahead, Johnson expressed his intent to advocate for appropriate action from the administration during the forthcoming meeting. He reassured the public that efforts were underway to address the national security threat effectively, providing a measure of comfort amid heightened awareness of the issue.