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Obama Hold Secret Meeting On Biden’s Behalf

How is Obama allowed to do this?

In a surprise turn of events, former President Barack Obama’s impromptu rendezvous with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London on Monday has ignited a flurry of speculation, particularly among fervent supporters of Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement.

As the November presidential election looms closer, the anticipation of a rematch between President Joe Biden and Trump intensifies following both politicians surpassing the nomination threshold, having secured victories in multiple presidential primaries.

Attention has swiftly shifted to the looming question of which candidate will emerge triumphant in the general election, with pollsters presenting a spectrum of predictions regarding the outcome of November’s ballot.

Amidst this political fervor, Obama, who held office from 2009 to 2017, greeted reporters outside Downing Street before delving into a previously undisclosed private meeting with the prime minister. Approximately an hour later, Obama exited the meeting.

While the specifics of the meeting remain shrouded in mystery, a Downing Street spokesperson characterized the visit as an “informal courtesy drop-in” as part of Obama’s London visit, as reported by the Independent.

“President Obama’s team reached out, and naturally, the prime minister was pleased to meet with him to discuss the initiatives of the Obama Foundation,” conveyed a Downing Street spokesperson.

Established by the former president in 2014, the Barack Obama Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing social mobility.

However, in the wake of Obama’s visit, certain MAGA supporters have taken to various platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), to propagate their conjectures regarding the purpose behind the former president’s meeting with Sunak.

Conservative commentator Laura Loomer highlighted the meeting, posing the question on X, “Why is Obama engaging in private discussions with global leaders?”

X user TheThe1776 posited that the meeting serves as an indication of a de facto third term for Obama, asserting, “Obama’s clandestine meetings with officials should signal to everyone that this marks Obama’s third term and Biden merely acts as his puppet/scapegoat.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Graham Allen, another X user, perceived the meeting as emblematic of Obama’s “third” term, stating, “Further evidence that we are in Obama’s third term!!! He’s currently at 10 Downing Street for a confidential meeting.”

Meanwhile, political commentator GuntherEagleman speculated on X, “He no longer trusts Joe Biden… He’s taking matters into his own hands.”

This encounter at Downing Street is not Obama’s inaugural visit, as he previously convened with then-Prime Minister David Cameron eight years ago in 2016.

The recent meeting with Sunak surfaces amidst ongoing conjecture surrounding former First Lady Michelle Obama’s purported presidential aspirations. Despite persistent speculation fueled by concerns about Biden’s age and competency, Michelle Obama’s camp has vehemently denied any intentions of running for president.

As of now, Michelle Obama has not made any official announcements regarding a presidential bid, with her office recently refuting speculations to the contrary.