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Biden Defunds DeSantis

In a new announcement, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that the state of Florida will now provide $25 million of their own money for emergency housing assistance after President Biden’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) denied to do so.

Funny how FEMA decided to play politics all of the sudden isn’t it?

According to Fox, DeSantis will now instruct Florida to disperse $25 million of the state’s funds to purchase building materials and restore Florida resident’s damaged homes.

After Biden’s FEMA rejected the assistance, DeSantis explained, “Unfortunately, we got word last week that FEMA had denied our request for funding our state-led housing initiative, citing their ‘limited authority.’ We’re not just going to sit there and take no for an answer, and we’re going to figure out what we can do.”

“We want cut through bureaucracy. We want to bring relief to impacted Floridians regardless of whether FEMA wants to be a part of that,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis then took a shot at FEMA and even said they were going to do a better job than them. “Not only do we think that that would be filling a need, but we also think we can do it quicker and more efficiently than FEMA. And so we’ve worked really hard to do that,” DeSantis said taunting Biden’s FEMA.