Is Trump Innocent In His Georgia Election Case?

Republicans Beg DeSantis To Stop

Concerns are mounting among certain Republican lawmakers who fear that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s ongoing conflict with Disney has exceeded acceptable limits. They worry that this prolonged dispute could potentially undermine the traditional image of the GOP as a pro-business party with a strong emphasis on fostering economic growth and job creation.

According to The Hill, Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.), who previously held the position of Florida’s governor from 2011 to 2019, has called for a calmer approach, emphasizing the need for “cooler heads to prevail.” He recognizes Disney as a significant employer and acknowledges the substantial contribution of the company in attracting large numbers of tourists, thereby benefiting the state’s economy.

While Senator Rick Scott acknowledges that the legislation signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, which banned classroom instruction on gender orientation for young children, is commendable, he emphasizes the significant role that Disney plays in the state’s economy. Scott highlights the importance of Disney’s contribution to Florida’s economic growth, while also recognizing the value of the recently enacted bill.

“This is the biggest or second-biggest employer in the state. Half the tourism that comes to our state comes to visit Disney. It’s a reason people come to our state. After they come there, people move there. So I think cooler heads need to prevail. My view is we have to do everything to help our businesses grow,” Scott explained.

Another Florida Republican recently expressed concern, during an interview with Fox News, about the potential issues that arise when state actions toward individuals or businesses seem to be primarily motivated by political considerations.

“If a Democratic [governor] and a Democratic Legislature takes over Florida, they’re going to go after Chick-fil-A?” the Republican Senator asked.

On Thursday, former President Donald Trump criticized Governor Ron DeSantis, who is expected to be his potential rival for the presidential nomination, accusing him of single-handedly causing a significant loss of investment for their shared home state.

Donald Trump predicted that Disney might reconsider its plans to invest $17 billion in a separate project at Disney World due to the ongoing conflict with Governor Ron DeSantis.