Media Says Trump Is Guilty, Do You Agree?

Biden Kicks Kamala To The Curb

As per a recent report from Reuters, President Joe Biden is dissatisfied with Vice President Kamala Harris for not fulfilling her role as his second-in-command and is not “rising to the occasion”.

According to a recent report from Reuters, high-ranking officials in the Biden administration shared some of the President’s candid opinions about Harris as part of a bombshell story.

“If he did not think she was capable, he would not have picked her,” a high ranking Biden official told reporters.

“But it is a question of consistently rising to the occasion,” the official later said.

A second former White House official expressed that they believe the President does not view Harris as someone who lightens his workload. They also mentioned that Harris has been slow to engage in crucial political battles, such as the ongoing border crisis, due to a fear of making mistakes.

In 2021, Biden assigned Harris the responsibility of handling border issues. However, she has faced criticism from the press and interest groups for not visiting the border until after facing significant backlash.

Event the National Border Patrol Council attacked Kamala for failing to do her job and said, “If you were given a job 2 years ago with the explicit goal of reducing illegal immigration, and then you sit around and do nothing while illegal immigration explodes to levels never seen before, you should be fired and replaced. Period.”

Another Biden official who is currently working in Biden’s White House added, “She, I think, is smart. She does not see this as a political win for her. Because it’s not. It’s a really hard issue.”

According to CNN, this is not the first instance of conflict between Harris and influential members of the Democratic Party. Reportedly, Harris stopped receiving calls from Senator Elizabeth Warren for a period after Warren declined to endorse the Vice President’s bid for re-election in 2024.

To keep things as plain and simple as possible: Kamala Harris is lazy. Biden should replace her in 2024.