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Biden Punishes Border Patrol

Biden literally punished America’s border patrol for trying to do their job.

The recent revelations by former Chief of the United States Border Patrol, Rodney Scott, shed light on the complexities surrounding the Biden administration’s approach to border control. Scott, speaking out on “The Story,” expressed his belief that offering critical feedback to the administration led to repercussions for him personally.

Scott characterized President Biden’s visit to Brownsville, Texas, as primarily a “publicity stunt,” suggesting that the presence of cameras overshadowed genuine engagement with the migrant crisis. Despite his claims that the administration had been provided with a secure border strategy, he lamented the dismantling of these efforts through executive actions.

Highlighting the authority within Biden’s executive powers to address border security, Scott emphasized the importance of heeding advice from Border Patrol officials. However, he alleged that his attempts to provide feedback were met with resistance, ultimately resulting in his early retirement.

Moreover, Scott pointed out the role of the Mexican government in mitigating the migrant crisis, noting that enforcement of existing laws led to decreased criminal activity. He suggested that Mexico’s desire for stability in its relations with the U.S. influenced its border enforcement measures.

Scott criticized the reliance on Mexico to manage border flow, advocating instead for robust American action to secure its borders. He emphasized the need for Border Patrol empowerment to detain and process individuals attempting illegal entry, rather than delegating such responsibilities to another country.

Drawing attention to the selective nature of Biden’s visit locations, Scott implied a calculated avoidance of areas experiencing substantial migrant influxes. He also highlighted the significant presence of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in managing migrant services, underscoring the funding allocations in Senate bills that could potentially bolster such efforts.

Former President Trump’s contrasting remarks during his visit to Eagle Pass, Texas, characterized the situation as a “war” at the border, with Border Patrol agents expressing frustration over Biden’s choice of location for his visit.

In summary, Scott’s assertions underscore the complexities and challenges facing the Biden administration in managing the border crisis, emphasizing the importance of constructive dialogue and decisive action to address the issue effectively.