Trump Says Capitol Protesters Have Been Treated 'Unconstitutionally,' Is He Right?

VIDEO: GOP Hotshot Puts Pelosi In Her Place

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert immediately went viral after she did the unthinkable by telling Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the American voters “fired” her while standing on the House floor.

In transcript provided by the Washington Examiner, Boebert electrified lawmakers in the House and said, “Madam speaker, the American people have spoken. They have fired you and have chosen to end the Democrats’ one-party rule throughout our government.”

Boebert didn’t stop there, she then said, “The days of this chamber being treated as Pelosi’s house instead of the people’s house are over. The American people will once again be allowed into this chamber to see their representatives at work.”

Later adding, “Republicans made a lot of promises on the campaign trail,” she continued. “It’s time we make good on those promises.”


Was Boebert’s message spot on? We think so too.