Trump Says He Can Fix The Border And Economy, You Believe Him?

Haley Breaks Down Crying After Major Bombshell

Haley needs to quit the whining, Republicans don’t like her.

In a scathing critique on Sunday, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley denounced reports indicating that the Republican National Committee (RNC) was hastily moving to designate former President Trump as the party’s presidential nominee following his victories in Iowa and New Hampshire. On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Haley expressed her concern, asserting that Trump should not be able to dominate the nomination process through force. She emphasized the presence of political elites around him, criticizing their track record of achieving little for the American people.

Haley highlighted Trump’s attempts to influence the RNC, revealing his efforts to pressure Ronna McDaniel to halt debates and solicit financial support for his legal challenges. Despite these dynamics within the party, Haley underscored that the central focus should be on the needs and concerns of the American people, rather than succumbing to internal party pressures.

As discussions heated up around Sen. James Lankford’s involvement in negotiations over a border supplemental package, Haley urged Republicans not to leave Washington until the bill was finalized. She emphasized the urgency of addressing border security and criticized President Biden for suing Gov. Abbott over Texas’s efforts to protect its citizens, framing it as a national security issue.

Switching gears, Haley addressed a recent swatting incident at her home, where her elderly parents were present. She conveyed the dangers her family faced, pointing to the broader chaos enveloping the country. The incident served as a backdrop for Haley’s plea to return to a sense of normalcy, healing, and unity, expressing her belief that the nation had hit rock bottom and urging a collective effort to reclaim a more harmonious and secure America.