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Democrats Attack Chick-fil-A

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) vehemently opposed a recent New York state bill pushed by Democrats that proposes requiring certain Chick-fil-A establishments to operate on Sundays. Expressing his discontent on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Graham declared, “This is war.” In a subsequent post, he threatened to draft legislation that would withhold federal funds from cities enforcing the Sunday opening mandate for the fast-food chain.

Highlighting the founding principles of Chick-fil-A, Graham underscored the company’s early decision to close on Sundays in alignment with its faith. He argued that any government intervention attempting to overturn this decision contradicts American values. Graham praised Chick-fil-A as a reputable company with numerous locations dedicated to serving the public and maintaining employee welfare. He firmly criticized New York for its misguided approach, assuring that there would be repercussions for its actions.

The New York bill specifically targets restaurants in state highway system rest areas, aiming to extend their operational hours throughout the week. Chick-fil-A, renowned for its policy of remaining closed on Sundays to allow employees time with their families and for personal worship, faces a potential challenge if the bill becomes law.

The proposed legislation would impact future contracts for food concessions at transportation facilities owned by New York state and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Existing restaurants would remain unaffected. State Representative Tony Simone (D), the bill’s sponsor, defended its purpose as promoting diverse food options for travelers in the Empire State, asserting that Chick-fil-A should be open on Sundays for those desiring fried chicken during holiday travels.