Will Trump Make America Great In 2024?

Biden Proves He’s A National Embarrassment

President Biden has made a total fool of himself and his administration yet again and the mainstream media is choosing to ignore it.

According to Fox, on Friday, Joe Biden gave a speech on the jobs report for February.

According to the Labor Department’s report, nonfarm payrolls increased by 311,000 in the month, surpassing Dow Jones’ forecast of 225,000 and indicating that the job market is still strong.

That’s when Biden humiliated himself yet again and said that he has “created 12,000 jobs since he took office.”

Biden stood there on stage and confidently said, “We’ve created over 300,000 new jobs last month. And that’s on top of a half a million jobs we added the month before. All told, we’ve created more than 12,000 jobs since I took office. Nearly 8,000 of them manufacturing jobs.”

Well, we would certainly hope that President Biden created at least 12,000 jobs.