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China’s Shocking Move, Biden Speechless

It has just been learned that China is now expected to boost their military spending by an astounding 7.2% this year, which equals out to billions or around 1.56 trillion Yuan, signaling to Washington D.C. and President Biden that they will soon invade Taiwan!

According to Fox, when translating China’s military spending to dollars, China’s military budget will now sit at $230 billion which is an increase of around $16 billion when compared to what they spent in 2022. China’s decision to increase military spending comes as speculation grows that they will strike to take back Taiwan something which President Biden and many other presidents before him have warned China not to do.

China’s decision to boost military spending comes as tension between China, the U.S. and Taiwan are at an all time high. CIA Director William Burns recently just stated that Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned it’s military to be prepared to take Taiwan back via an invasion by 2027.

Burns warned, “We know as a matter of intelligence [Xi] has instructed the People’s Liberation Army to be ready by 2027 to conduct a successful invasion. Now, that does not mean that he’s decided to conduct an invasion in 2027, or any other year, but it’s a reminder of the seriousness of his focus and his ambition.”

“Therefore, I think it’s very much in our interest as a policy matter in the United States to make clear our commitment to the status quo, to make clear we are not interested as a country in changing that status quo, that we are deeply opposed to anyone trying to change that unilaterally, especially by the use of force,” Burns added.

Tensions between the United States and Taiwan have been high ever since former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored warnings from China and traveled to Taiwan in August 2022. China condemned Pelosi’s actions and also warned President Biden to discourage her from going however she did anyway.