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DeSantis Faces Huge Nightmare

A Twitter user based in Florida shared a video on Sunday that appears to show a fight breaking out at a gas pump in southern Florida, where there is currently a significant gas shortage that Republican Governor Ron DeSantis now has to tackle.

In transcript provided by Newsweek, the woman who filmed the vide can be heard saying, “They really [are] about to fight out here over gas.”

Several Twitter users have shared their experience of struggling to find a gas station that still had fuel. They posted images of gas pumps with signs attached to them saying “No gas.” CBS News Miami correspondent Cristian Benavides tweeted one of these images and asked which gas station in South Florida still had fuel. He finally found fuel at a station in Doral.

Southern Florida has been experiencing gas shortages due to last week’s extreme weather, including flooding, which disrupted the regular distribution and delivery of fuel. Heavy rain in eastern Broward County caused floods in Port Everglades roads, preventing truck drivers from making fuel deliveries. As a result, several gas stations have run out of fuel and have been unable to restock their supplies. Motorists have been left with no gas and have been struggling to find stations that still have fuel.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava explained that her county “is working closely with our state & federal partners to ensure gas is being distributed as quickly as possible to local stations.”

Thankfully however this problem does not appear to be something that will last for a very long time, according to Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, there isn’t really a shortage of gas in southern Florida. “Deliveries to stations were stopped briefly because of tremendous rainfall in Southeast Florida, which caused some stations to run low,” he explained.

Gas prices in Florida have been rising in recent weeks, with prices increasing by 12 cents per gallon at the beginning of April 1. On April 17, the average gas price in Florida was $3.562 per gallon.

While this issue can be quickly resolved if managed correctly, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis needs to stay on top of it because the liberal mainstream media could turn this into a nightmare for him.