Should There Be A Special Counsel Investigating Joe Biden?

Trump Drops Bombshell On Jan 6 Panel

Former President Donald Trump could not hold back his anger over the weekend and unloaded on the lawmakers sitting on the Jan. 6th committee.

Trump attacked them and stated that they were nothing more than “Thugs and Scoundrels” as the jan 6 panel prepares for their final public hearing and report.

According to The Hill, the Jan 6 Panel is also expected to issue criminal referrals with nearly all of the members on the Committee claiming that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Trump is guilty.

It’s important to remember that this panel was created simply to ensure that Trump is forever banned from running for the presidency ever again and to destroy his life because the Democrats don’t like him.

Trump unloaded on the Democrats and said, “Republicans and Patriots all over the land must stand strong and united against the Thugs and Scoundrels of the Unselect Committee. It will be a dark period in American history, but with darkness comes light!!!”

Trump also wrote, “These thugs spied on my campaign! The Unselect Committee of political hacks are the same group that came up with the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA HOAX, not to mention many others. They are Corrupt cowards who hate our Country!!!”