Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, criticized former President Trump for receiving an endorsement from Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Mark Fisher. DeSantis commented on this development on social media, stating that it makes sense for Trump to embrace the endorsement.

Trump had expressed his gratitude for Fisher’s endorsement and claimed to have done more for Black Americans than any previous president, with a reference to Abraham Lincoln. Fisher, a senior director of BLM in Rhode Island, endorsed Trump because he found other political options lacking.

DeSantis, in response, highlighted his own actions as Florida’s governor during the 2020 BLM movement. He pointed out that while BLM protests led to unrest in various cities, Trump’s response was primarily through tweets emphasizing “LAW & ORDER.” In contrast, DeSantis claimed that Florida took a different approach, with concrete actions such as calling up the National Guard to address the situation.

Furthermore, DeSantis criticized Trump’s handling of the nationwide protests following George Floyd’s murder in 2020, promising that if he becomes president, he will not passively watch as rioters damage American cities. This exchange reflects the differences in their approaches to addressing civil unrest and protests.