Should Border Security Be The Number 1 Priority For Democrats?

Voters Dump Trump

In a surprising turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially overtaken former President Donald Trump as the number one candidate for the 2024 presidency in a new nationwide poll.

According to The Hill, The Yahoo News-YouGov poll found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now has a beating Donald Trump by 5-points. DeSantis received 47 percent of registered voters supporting him while Trump had only 42 percent of the vote.

This information was collected during the first few days of December and shows that there was a major change in the voters mind when compared to mid-October where Donald Trump was ahead of DeSantis by 9 percentage points when he had 45 percent compared to DeSantis who only had 36 percent. 

Sadly, it appears that former President Trump is losing support very quickly. Voters appear to want a strong Republican leader like Trump but appear to be favoring DeSantis because he has a much more level-minded approach to sensitive issues.

It is unclear what will happen between now and 2024, however it has become very clear that Trump does not have the ultra-strong grip on the Republican party like he once had during his presidency.