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Biden Devastated By Shocking News

CNN’s most recent polling results have delivered “horrible” news for President Biden, presenting a bleak outlook for his potential reelection campaign in 2024.

According to Fox, the poll published on Thursday showed a significant 66% of Americans perceive a potential Biden victory in the upcoming presidential election as either a “disaster” or a “setback” for the United States.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper expressed his reaction to the poll, describing it as “horrible news” for Joe Biden.

“Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden,” Tapper stated.

“Those are some bad numbers,” he went on to say.

CNN’s political director, David Challian, offered analysis of the poll, highlighting that 41% of Americans specifically regarded a Biden victory as a “disaster,” which was slightly lower compared to the 44% who expressed the same sentiment about former President Trump. Conversely, 26% of Americans viewed a Biden win as a “setback,” while only 12% shared a similar perspective regarding a Trump win. In terms of those considering each candidate’s victory as a “step forward,” both front-runners received equal support at 27%. However, Trump held a ten-point advantage over Biden among those who considered it a “triumph.”

“[Trump’s] hardcore supporters are more into him than perhaps Biden’s hardcore supporters are into him,” Chalian explained.

According to the CNN poll, President Biden’s approval rating stood at 35%, a figure deemed “remarkably low” by David Chalian. The data analysis further revealed that among Democrats, Biden enjoyed a support rate of 79%. However, among independents, his approval rating had dropped to 26%, marking a nine-point decrease since December. In comparison, former President Trump had a slightly higher overall approval rating of 37%.

The situation grew increasingly dire for President Biden as the poll unveiled the daunting challenge posed by his Democratic primary contenders. Despite securing 60% support, a staggering 20% of respondents rallied behind Robert F. Kennedy Jr., casting a shadow of uncertainty. Adding to the dramatic backdrop, 8% stood firmly in support of spiritual guru and former 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, while an additional 8% fervently sought an alternative candidate. These unexpected figures accentuated the intense and gripping nature of the Democratic primary race.

In the breakdown between Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, the data revealed that 67% of party loyalists expressed support for Biden. However, among the leaning independents, only 40% showed similar backing for the President. David Chalian highlighted the support for RFK Jr. as a “potential warning sign,” as a significant 32% of leaning Americans expressed their support for him, compared to just 15% among party loyalists. This discrepancy raises concerns and indicates a noteworthy divide within the leaning independent segment, suggesting the need for careful attention and analysis.