Should Republicans Investigate The Manhattan DA?

BREAKING: Trump Releases Video Of His Arrest

After being flooded with more than $12 million in campaign donations, former President Donald Trump has decided to hit the Democrats where it hurts and has released a campaign ad on social media depicting the severity of just how far the Democrats and President Biden have gone to hurt him.

According to Newsmax, Trump’s email to his supporters wrote, “The Donald J. Trump for President 2024 campaign just released a new video on the arrest of our favorite President. The president wanted to be sure you had the chance to watch his powerful new video.”

The footage, which was also posted on Truth Social, features clips of Sean Hannity, Greg Jarrett, and Andrew McCarthy overlaid on scenes from Tuesday’s coverage of Donald Trump’s journey through New York City to the Manhattan County Courthouse. Trump was arraigned on 34 charges of falsifying business records during the appearance.

“The only crime that I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it,” Trump can be heard saying in the new video.

“And now these radical left lunatics want to interfere in our elections by using law enforcement. We can’t let that happen,” the video says.

The video ended with Donald Trump’s closing remarks from his speech at Mar-a-Lago.

“With all of this being said, and with a very dark cloud over our beloved country, I have no doubt, nevertheless, that we will make America great again,” Trump says.