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Tucker Carlson Under Federal Investigation

According to a recent report, federal investigators are currently examining a purported breach of Fox News’s internal systems. This incident led to the release of unaired footage featuring former host Tucker Carlson, which was subsequently leaked to the media.

On Friday, The Tampa Bay Times disclosed that the ongoing investigation is linked to a search carried out by the FBI at the residence of Tim Burke, a well-known media consultant and active Twitter figure. Notably, Burke’s spouse serves as a member of the Tampa City Council.

Following a conversation with his attorney, Tim Burke informed The Tampa Bay Times that he is unable to provide any comments at this time.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Trezevant sent a letter to Fox News, urging the preservation of information and records pertaining to the investigation for a minimum of 90 days. The letter emphasized that investigators consider the network to be among the potential victim-witnesses in relation to the alleged criminal activities.

Earlier this spring, Tucker Carlson was removed from his position at Fox, and he has not publicly disclosed the reasons behind his departure. Despite still being under contract with Fox, the former prime-time host has alleged that the network violated their contractual agreement by leaking unfavorable material to the media.

The FBI investigation news emerges several weeks after various media outlets and watchdog organizations, including Vice and Media Matters for America, released previously unaired footage of Tucker Carlson and his program. Some of the leaked footage featured Carlson making crude and offensive remarks about women.

On May 5, Fox took action by sending a cease-and-desist letter to Media Matters in response to a series of articles titled “FOXLEAKS.” These articles focused on highlighting the leaked footage of Tucker Carlson and his controversial comments.