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BREAKING: Trump Surrenders

The ex-President Donald Trump made plans to travel from Florida to New York City on Monday to confront allegations related to the payment of hush money to an adult film star prior to the 2016 election. In the meantime, security in Manhattan has been increased.

According to Newsmax, Donald Trump is scheduled to submit himself at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday. It is expected that he will be subjected to fingerprinting and photography before presenting himself to the judge at an arraignment session. During this hearing, he will likely plead not guilty.

The grand jury indictment’s precise allegations have not been divulged. Donald Trump has affirmed his innocence, and he, along with his supporters, have depicted the accusations as motivated by politics.

In a recent post on social media on Sunday, Donald Trump disclosed his intentions to depart from his Palm Beach residence at Mar-a-Lago around 12:00 pm to reach Trump Tower located in Manhattan. He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday morning.

Groups of supporters of former US President Donald Trump gathered in small numbers both at the airport and along the anticipated route he would take to reach his destination, in order to demonstrate their support.

It is anticipated that Donald Trump will make an appearance before Justice Juan Merchan, who oversaw a criminal trial last year resulting in the conviction of Trump’s real estate company for tax fraud. It is important to note that Trump himself was not indicted in that particular case.