Will You Still Vote Republican If Trump Is Not 2024 GOP Nominee?

Governor’s Stunt To Replace Biden

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently humiliated President Biden and made a high-profile trip to the United States-Mexico border just days after President Biden refused to do so. This decision by Newsom only adds to the rumors that he will try and replace Biden in 2024.

According to Newsmax, Newsom justified the trip by claiming that he went there “to discuss immigration reform and [his] commitment to supporting immigrant communities and the border region.”

Many political experts saw right through Newsom’s statement and now believe this was his first official move before announcing a 2024 for the White House.

Newsom’s communications director Erin Mellon explained that the governor “toured a testing, vaccination, and resource center and was joined by the Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, to visit a migrant shelter in Mexicali” during his visit.

President Biden should be humiliated to learn that a Democrat governor stepped up to do that job that he should have done months ago.

President Biden has said repeatedly that he doesn’t plan on visiting the border and believes there are more important things to focus on. Sadly however, Biden refuses to acknowledge that millions of illegals have crossed into the United States even though it’s a huge problem.