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Biden Steals Trump’s Idea?

A new regulation published on Wednesday states that the government under President Joe Biden’s administration will commence turning away asylum seekers who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border without applying online or requesting refuge in a country they passed through. This will take effect on Thursday.

According to Newsmax, Administration officials have indicated that these actions are part of a broader effort to curb unlawful border crossings while simultaneously establishing fresh lawful channels. This includes the implementation of a proposal to launch 100 regional migration centers across the Western Hemisphere.

The regulation, while not a complete ban, places significant restrictions on asylum for individuals who cross the border illegally without first seeking legal channels. The measure was initially announced in February, and the final version will be implemented on Thursday. Despite receiving over 50,000 comments, the regulation does not appear to have undergone substantive changes. It is highly likely to be challenged in court. In 2019, former President Donald Trump pursued comparable but more stringent policies that were ultimately blocked from taking effect by a federal appeals court.

The Biden administration has characterized the regulation as a strategy to decrease the number of individuals arriving at the border, while still providing a chance for those with valid asylum claims to seek refuge. Administration officials have highlighted the intricate nature of immigration, which previously was primarily comprised of Mexican adults seeking entry into the U.S. and could be readily sent back to their country of origin. Nowadays, migrants originate from countries across the Western Hemisphere and beyond, resulting in a more complicated situation.

The rule noted that global economic and political turmoil has led to the most significant migration levels since World War II, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. Known border crossings from Mexico reached a historical peak last year due to an “unprecedented exodus” of migrants originating from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela.

The regulation was met with swift criticism, particularly from organizations that provide aid to immigrants, who referred to it as “misguided,” “ludicrous,” and “life-threatening.”

Jeremy Konyndyk, the president of Refugees International, stated, “By implementing this new rule that formalizes broad limitations on asylum access, the Biden administration is prioritizing border politics over the well-being of refugees.”